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Instant chef

October 16, 2022

needed a chef because i was let down by my regular chef and Freelance Chef Ltd had me a great chef turn up the next day. Would of had to shut kitchen without their service, and Steve who turned up was spot on, no messing around and hit the ground running. Freelance Chef was alife saver so thanks

David Grooms

Wedding Caterers

September 7, 2022

Excellent service from the caterers at Freelance Chef Ltd in Ellesmere Port, the food was spot on, and got lots of comments.

Angela Wright

Top Chefs

August 16, 2022

Have used Freelance chef for the last 2 years to take up the slack when the holiday season descend on me, the chefs they provide are good at what they do and have never let me down, always on time and always behave in a professional manner, only wish I could tempt them to come and work for me full time. Thanks for the great service and if your looking for top chefs give this company a call.

Simon Greggs

Wedding Catering

August 4, 2022

Great service, excellent food, the wedding went off without a hitch, will definitely use Freelance Chef Ltd again when my next daughter gets married. for a wedding caterers you need these people


Best Birthday Food

July 23, 2022

I had a great birthday and the food provided by the catering service at Freelance Chef Ltd was second to none.

Susan Evens

Office Party Caterers

June 9, 2022

Great food great staff great party, Freelance Chef Ltd made the who thing very easy and will defo use them again, if your looking for office party caterers then give Freelance Chef Ltd a call you wont be sorry


Birthday Buffet

May 11, 2022

Wont be going anywhere else for catering in Ellesmere Port, Freelance Chef Ltd really done us proud

Benjamin Brown

Wedding Caterers

April 15, 2022

These wedding caterers were brilliant, they took care of everything and everybody loved the food, recommend Freelance Chef Ltd to anybody who need their wedding catered for.

Derry Brown

Best Birthday Buffet

March 17, 2022

Best Birthday buffet Ive ever had and all the guest loved it too, have to recommend Freelance Chef Ltd if your having a birthday party and looking food off a professional caterers, they really are very good


Wedding Caterer

March 10, 2022

this Wedding catering service was tops, they did everything from the sit down meal to the night time buffet, they were on time and very professional, the food was great and the staff were brilliant as well. If you looking for a wedding caterer in Ellesmere Port you have to use Freelance Chef Ltd because the service they provide is the best

Wayne C

Birthday party catering

February 20, 2022

fantastic people providing a brilliant service, the food at the Birthday Party was excellent and got lots of comments from our guests. i cant recommend Freelance Chef Ltd enough to people who want a catering service for a birthday party

Roy Evens

Party Catering in Ellesmere Port

January 21, 2022

great service, they catered for our party in Ellesmere port and the food was excellent, fresh and very tasty. All our guest comment on how good the food was. I would recommend Freelance Chef Ltd to anybody who needed a party catered for.

Steven Brownley